November 9, 2004




Party Poker Review - Last updated October 10, 2004


Party Pokers software is good, with a number of upgrades it has become even better. One of the latest upgrades made it possible to save hand history on the local hard drive which is good for them who want to analyze their game without requesting hands via email.
You can play 4 tables simultaneously. One disadvantage is that you can't see the view flop percentages or hands per hour in the lobby. You can only see the table's average pot over the last 20 hands.
Player notes is also available and you can also see on a player that you have a note on him/her.


The Party Network has very loose games in the lower limits and usually loose games up to 3/6. In comparison to other sites this is a very good place to play at if you want to eat some fish.

Ring Traffic

The Party Network has the world's largest ring traffic. It is around 10000 players at peak hours. Even at off peak hours the traffic is good.

Tournament Traffic

The tournament traffic is also the world's largest. It is around 12000 players at peak hours.

Loyalty Bonus

Based on the amount of hands you have played you get reload bonuses. It is usually 10-15% up to $100 with the 7x or 10x raked hands requirement.


The support answered my emails within 6 hours which is ok if you live in a nonUS country which I do.


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