Ukash Poker Sites

One of the safest methods of depositing money with any of the poker rooms is by Ukash, an electronic money institution. Online poker accounts can be safely and conveniently funded through Ukash without having to give away personal or credit card information to the poker site. Regulated by United Kingdom’s Financial Services Authority, Ukash provides the players the convenience of making deposits into their online poker accounts while also enabling them to turn cash into chips to be used at any of the online poker rooms. There are numerous Ukash poker sites that accept Ukash as a way of deposit especially from the players from the United Kingdom.

Ukash can be described as a pre-paid payment system, which works online and can be used to make poker deposits at Ukash poker sites in the Europe, United Kingdom and South Africa. The service can be used to make deposits at the poker sites which accept Ukash as a valid method of deposit. To be able to make Ukash deposit, you would have to buy Ukash card from any of the retail stores like PayPoint, e-Pay or Payzone. These stores offer Ukash vouchers, which have a 19 digit number. This 19 digit number has to be punched in each time you wish to make a deposit at any of the online poker sites to play poker. This facility avoids the divulgence of any information whether personal or related to one’s credit cards. In addition, the Ukash deposits, saves one from credit card fraud and identity theft.

Using Ukash vouchers is easy as they come in fixed denominations with the minimum being £5.00 and the maximum being £499.00. One can buy the exact denominations of vouchers, with which he needs to make the poker deposits. One thing that Ukash user must note is that he must use the vouchers within the validity period of the voucher, after which it is ineffective and useless. Usually the validity of any Ukash voucher is up to 12 months. Ukash vouchers as mentioned can be availed through the stores such as Payzone, PayPoint or e-Pay but it can be obtained online as well. If the voucher is obtained online, it must be funded through a bank account. Finding Ukash vouchers is easy as there are several stores across Europe that provide these vouchers.

With the power of Ukash, you can play online poker at sites that do not accept credit cards. Moreover, there is no danger of identity or credit card theft as Ukash provides a safe and secure method of depositing money in the online poker account. There are several Ukash poker sites, which accept Ukash as a method to fund accounts and the first of these is the PartyPoker. The site is not only the best online poker site but it also is the number one Ukash poker site accepting payments through Ukash. Another of the great online poker sites accepting Ukash deposits is the PokerStars. The site offers several modes of depositing money in their online accounts and Ukash is one of them. The next site in line to accept Ukash deposits is Bet365 Poker. One of the largest online poker sites in Europe and equally popular as well, Bet365 Poker has several other deposit options as well.